Can I come on a flight with you?

In my earlier days, I used to advertise on the Wingly Platform as this was a safe and trusted platform to meet fellow or aspiring aviators. However the aircraft insurance went up if you advertised on Wingly, so I no longer participate.

Additionally, in 2021 an internal working group was established to review the cost-sharing regulations. After a careful review, a consultation was produced to engage with the community (CAP 2270, published November 2021) which set out our proposals for change and our rationale. The consultation asked five specific questions and allowed for additional comments on the overall proposal.

So in short, unfortunately, this is unlikely to be possible under any arrangement. But if you have any suggestions that fit with the ethos of ‘The Flying VLOG‘ and the specified content and you have an exceptional idea. Please don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss, maybe even have a coffee if you are in the London & South East area.