Flying Schedule

The first major pre-flight task is understanding the weather information, to “see” if the conditions are suitable and by collecting information about current and forecast conditions along the route that you intend to take, and then using the information to develop a good mental picture of the situation that one can expect to encounter during the flight. Because of this and other factors. Some flights may change or be canceled at short notice.

The aircraft is currently in Gloucester being re-painted.* Plans for 2022 are also gathering pace, so check back soon. I will update this page regularly, as you may wish to track my progress live. Flight times are EOBT (Estimated off Block Time) in UTC and are subject to ATC restriction.

Last Updated 11-JAN-22

Flying for 2022 – Calendar in Planning

February 2022 – Subject to alteration*

TBC – 16-FEB-22 @TBC

Stapleford to Amsterdam [EHAM] – 18-FEB-22 @TBC

Amsterdam [EHAM] to Stapleford – 18-FEB-22 @TBC

March 2022 – TBC

April 2022 – TBC

May 2022 – TBC

June 2022 – TBC

July 2022 – TBC

August 2022 – TBC

September 2022 – TBC

October 2022 – TBC

November 2022 – TBC

December 2022 – TBC

Plan for 2022 –

Despite the ongoing CORONAVIRUS Pandemic and the uncertainty that it brings, it’s still the ultimate dream now I am a fully qualified instrument-rated pilot to travel Europe & beyond using the airways. I will be updating this in the next few weeks with a full schedule for the New Year; visiting places such as Amsterdam, Erlangen for the Erlanger Beer Festival & touring Scandinavia. Maybe we’ll even venture into Africa or the Middle East? I will be looking at job security, my income, and how much the trips will cost. I need to balance the need to travel places far afield and stay current regularly. So watch this space…

Release Schedule –

If you tracked the live flight, check out my release schedule for the VLOG.

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Welcome to The FLYING VLOG…

I am a current PPL(A), SEP (LAND), IR(A) SE/SP PBN, IR(R) & Night holder. Flying the world, exploring its hidden treasures. Taking pictures and vlogging the journey; I hope I can provide you with an oversight of my progression and as I develop my skillset and airmanship in exclusive videos on my YouTube channel.

Now flying IFR in the Airways of Europe & beyond. Bringing you an exclusive niche to YouTube, flying in the same skies with commercial airliners.

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