Release Schedule

Scheduling isn’t the most glamorous part of being a YouTube creator, but it is important. I’ve found it very hard to post great content that not only I benefit from as a pilot to grow, but for the greater community that is aviation. However, after much research and trial and error, I’ve found what The Flying VLOG is all about.

Currently I am unable to release training flight vlogs for the CB-IR, so there hasn’t been any videos for the remainder of 2019. This is unlikely to change into the New Year but with some scheduled Maintanence flights I’ll get something out for you guys very soon!

Last Update December 21st 2019

YouTube Upload Schedule –

All videos are released on Sunday’s at (0900z (GMT/UTC) unless stated.

A Confirmed #VLOG number denotes that the footage has been filmed.

February 2020 –

  • The first flight of 2020 – TBD February 2020 #77

March 2020 – TBC

  • TBC

April 2020 – TBC

May 2020 – TBC

June 2020 – TBC

July 2020 – TBC

August 2020 – TBC

September 2020 – TBC

October 2020 – TBC

November 2020 – TBC

December 2020 – TBC

Flying Schedule –

If you missed it, check out my flying schedule.