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Scheduling isn’t the most glamorous part of being a YouTube creator, but it is important. I’ve found it very hard to post great content that not only I benefit from as a pilot to grow, but for the greater community that is aviation. However, after much research and trial and error, I’ve found what The Flying VLOG is all about.

✎ Due to work commitments and a busier than anticipated winter flying programme, there is a huge backlog of videos. This may mean some release dates are re-scheduled. See below for the planned release dates.

Last Updated 24-MAY-22

YouTube Upload Schedule –

All videos are released every other week unless stated below;

A Confirmed #VLOG number denotes that the footage has been filmed.  A list of the latest videos published are available here

2022 –

May 2022 –

We picked up ICE! – IFR – #110 – 27-MAY-22 @1700 UTC (Video in Edit)

June 2022 –

London ATC denied our Airways join – IFR – #111 – 03-JUN-22 @1700 UTC

It’s like a brand new aeroplane – IFR – #112 – 10-JUN-22 @1700 UTC

Rotterdam for Lunch – IFR – #113 – 24-JUN-22 @1700 UTC

July 2022 –

IFR from Dutch to London – #114 – 10-JUL-22 @1700 UTC

April Showers, Weather avoidance IFR – #115 – 22-JUL-22 @1700 UTC

August 2022 –

Couldn’t negotiate IFR into the LTMA – #116 – 5-AUG-22 @1700 UTC

An IFR adventure starts with… – #117 – 21-AUG-22 @1700 UTC

September 2022 –

Embedded TCU at Destination – IFR – #118 – 4-SEP-22 @1700 UTC

Autopilot has returned, just about… – #119 – 18-SEP-22 @1700 UTC

October 2022 –

Flying to Spain by Light Aircraft – #120 – 2-OCT-22 @1700 UTC

Longest flight EVER – IFR – #121 – 16-OCT-22 @1700 UTC

SLOT Delay almost causes Diversion – IFR – #122- 30-OCT-22 @1700 UTC

November 2022 –

TBC – 13-NOV-22

TBC – 27-NOV-22

December 2022 –

TBC – 18-DEC-22

Flying Schedule –

If you missed it, check out my flying schedule.

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Welcome to The FLYING VLOG…

I am a current PPL(A), SEP (LAND), IR(A) SE/SP PBN, IR(R) & Night holder. Flying the world, exploring its hidden treasures. Taking pictures and vlogging the journey; I hope I can provide you with an oversight of my progression and as I develop my skillset and airmanship in exclusive videos on my YouTube channel.

Now flying IFR in the Airways of Europe & beyond. Bringing you an exclusive niche to YouTube, flying in the same skies with commercial airliners.

“What a view aye? – This is what I did all this training for…”