A pilot logbook is the one accessory that pilots can’t do without. From when I started learning to fly till now I’ve recorded all my flights in a logbook from Transair which came with the Flight Training bag. It conforms with EASA Part FCL requirements and is designed to grow with you as your ratings, hours and experience accumulate. During my Instrument Rating Training I created an electronic version in excel, which makes it easy for me to update and transpose to my very own online format and to share with you.

Annual logbook – hours flown by year

YearHours FlownYearHours Flown
201014hrs 40m202022hrs 40m
201133hrs 25m202125hrs 05m
201223hrs 30m202256hrs 55m
20138hrs 30m20232hrs 25m
201416hrs 45m
201522hrs 15m
201617hrs 40m
201732hrs 05m
201822hrs 40m
201925hrs 05m

Hours flown by function or operational condition

Pilot FunctionHours FlownOperational ConditionHours Flown
SEP PIC260hrs 30mIFR173hrs 10m
SEP DUAL116hrs 15mDAY361hrs 14m
SOLO NAV230hrs 50mNIGHT15hrs 31m

Hours flown by Aircraft type

Aircraft TypeHours Flown
Diamond DA40234hrs 30m
Piper Warrior PA2888hrs 15m
Cessna 17254hrs 00m

Total hours flown since 31st January 2010

Total hours flown
376h 45m
This logbook is updated regularly. Last updated 07-JAN-23