IFR Flying

A current IR(A) SE/SP PBN with flights operated solely by reference to instruments under Instrument Flight Rules.

European Airways

Flying IFR across Europe & beyond; sharing a real niche on YouTube in the European Airways system.

Flying Adventures

Flying the world (General Aviation style), exploring its best-hidden gems, and educating along the way.

All in 4K Video

Inspiring future aviators with high quality, 4K UHD video from tiny and discreet GoPro’s.

The Flying VLOG

A combination of the latest videos and blog posts from The Flying VLOG.

First Intl IFR trip

Flying across Europe…

After touring some of the UK airports, Newquay, Doncaster, Liverpool & Kemble utilising my Instrument Rating it was time to explore further afield, and with that came crossing international boundaries.    I had amassed 14 hours of experience post IR issue and fancied a challenge.

The plan originally meant a short hop to Amsterdam in early September. This was cancelled, as the event in Utrecht that was originally due to take place in February 2021 was further delayed due to Coronavirus restrictions…

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The IFR Journey

Gaining that Instrument Rating…

My goal has always been to become a fully-fledged airline pilot and ever since that challenging flight back from France in 2018, I’ve really wanted to get the full Instrument Rating.

It was originally hoped that in summer 2020 I would complete the practical elements and the IR skills test, but a delay completing the theory and the COVID-19 Pandemic prevented that from ever happening. This journey really is bumpy…

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