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IFR Euro Tour

Prague & Erlangen…

For many years I’ve wanted to join Erlangen Bergweich, which is one of the oldest festivals in Germany. Like Oktoberfest with better weather. With the previous two years cancelled due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, it was time to organise the planning of this trip. Many months were spent waiting on the local authorities and the Bavarian Government to allow the event to take place.

Despite a relatively high number of visitors, it is not commonly known by tourists, or people living outside Bavaria. This was a much-needed trip and would be flown entirely IFR, but we had a last-minute addition to ensure this trip was memorable.

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Flying to Spain

IFR, in a light aircraft…

This was an experience that would take some beating.  Flying a light aircraft from the UK to the Costa Brava in challenging flying conditions and into the Pyrenees at night.  It felt akin to being an airliner, with ATC slots, change of plans and a significant amount of thought and pre-planning.

This was a special trip and will go down as one of the best I’ve ever completed, with probably the longest flight time I’ll ever fly in this aircraft.   With the costs of such a trip and venture in the thousands, it’s not cheap but at least I can say – I did it.

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