Why ‘The Flying VLOG’?

The foundations for ‘The Flying VLOG’ took place during the early parts of my Private Pilot’s License studies. It wasn’t until 2017 however that I started ‘vlogging.’

Initially, I used the channel to showcase all of my flights – showcasing you with a great level of oversight of my progression as I develop my skillset and airmanship in exclusive videos on my YouTube channel.

Since Summer 2021, and inspired by Matt Guthmiller, Steveo1Kinevo & Jaunty17 – I now exclusively fly IFR in the Airways of the UK, Europe & beyond thus bringing you an exclusive niche to YouTube, flying in the same skies with commercial airliners. Simply flying the world (General Aviation style), exploring its best-hidden gems and educating along the way…

You can read more on a dedicated page about ‘The Flying VLOG