Thunderstorms & Crosswind landing

After having canceled our international trip to Brugge earlier in the day due to severe Thunderstorms, we navigate some interesting weather before making a strong crosswind landing into London Oxford Kidlington.

I also explain why I wimped out of going IFR due to the lack of in-flight weather radar to complete an instrument approach into EGTK. This is one video you have to watch…

Oversight & YouTube –

I hope the route I am taking is going to make me a better pilot, and to share with you all the new skills that I hope to learn. Whilst this will be a long road to having the Instrument Rating; I hope I can provide you with an oversight of my progression and as I develop my skill set and airmanship in exclusive videos on my YouTube channel. 

I hope to share with you guys in a unique editorial style with me breaking down thoroughly and honestly everything that went wrong from pre-flight, to landing to debrief, what I have learned from it and what steps I am putting in place to make me a safer pilot in the future.   I’ll be using the reference material above along with Standards Document 01 (A) to assist in my endeavors. 

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