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I started out flying when I was just 16 years old, and some 9 years later I am now sharing videos weekly in the brand ‘The Flying VLOG’. Becoming a better pilot is possible, here’s how it will all start…

After months of hard work and dedication, I am pleased to announce the launch of a brand new website!

The website has a smooth, creative, appealing and professional feel. Creating a home away from a home promoting the videos in greater detail than the YouTube platform or other social media handles.

It works on Desktop, Tablets and Mobile devices. If you have any tech issues, spot something that’s not right – please do get in touch so that it can be resolved.

I will be constantly updating the content of the website with helpful information, articles, flight videos and much more. For any questions, suggestions, feedback or comments. Please get in touch.

I am now into my third year of ‘The Flying VLOG’ and it’s time I took this thing more seriously. I have been sharing videos regularly with the aim to share the coolest adventures of a Private Pilot. This project evolved from “just videoing my flights” to evolving as a brand in early 2017.

The scope of the project will involve enhancing my flying skills by means of creating pre-flight planning packs, checklists and safety on a commercial level. Whilst this is a private pilot’s license vlog; the scope for professionalism and high levels of safety, which doesn’t inflict on the level of flying, is extremely important.

There’s a busy market for Pilot VLOGS now that action cameras are so common among pilots. All of which have different and unique styles in showcasing there videos, many of whom have been doing this solidly for the last 3-4 years supporting the fact that consistency really is key.

I look to bring you more favourable content that you enjoy and that benefits me as a Pilot, by simply making me a better pilot. Over the coming weeks once the website is up and running as anticipated. I will be looking at filming various sub-categories to enhance my channel and the content available on YouTube.

I have put a concentrated effort into upgrading the videos, with a new intro, new call to action and outro video to fit in with the look and feel of the brand.

Having gained a fresh Class 2 Medical late last year, it’s with great anticipation that I start my EASA Instrument Rating following the CB-IR route, thanks to the addition of a Class 1 Audiogram.

Over the coming weeks I will be looking at the theory in great detail and booking a course with a school so that I can press ahead and get the rating as soon as practically possible.

Once this rating is had, I will look at flying across Europe & beyond much more often…

Stay tuned!

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