Stansted Zone Transit | NATS Pre-Note

A relatively straight forward transit of one of London’s Busiest Airports. We use a recently developed tool, so NATS controllers can prepare for our transit and enabling more efficient use of the airspace.

Under the former system for general aviation pilots wishing to transit into controlled airspace, the air traffic controller responsible has no prior knowledge of the request and therefore has little opportunity to formulate a potential plan for the crossing.

This system is still in place, and at the time of positing it is not mandatory to use the pre-notification tool; however it helps the controllers make great use of the airspace and increases the likelihood of allowing you to fit in with commercial airliners.

Stansted Airport

“Pre-notification is especially important in today’s busy airspace where complex air traffic scenarios can develop rapidly. The new tool will enable our ATC units to see the requests well in advance and plan ahead, which will benefit everyone involved.”

The pre-notification tool is available on the portal at and full details can be found in AICY 095/2017.

Use of the tool is relatively easy, and self explanatory. We booked our intentions roughly 2 hours before departure from Cambridge. With an extremely short flight time to Stapleford; within 5 minutes we were being handled by Essex Radar who were aware of our intentions.

Initially we was routing towards Bishops Stortford and down the M11, crossing the Instrument Approach path for Runway 04 at Stansted. There we would reach Epping Forest and join downwind at Stapleford.

With some great airmanship and coordination with air traffic control we managed to get across relatively easy, helping Stansted Radar help us.

The Airspace User Portal – Home Page

A list of FAQs can be found online here at the NATS Aero blog.

Disclaimer –

Electronic submission of the information does not constitute any approval of clearance to cross or enter any controlled Airspace. The aircraft must remain outside any CAS until such time as ATC have provided a clearance and it has been acknowledged and read back by the pilot.


This video is my experience and this is what all these videos are about is tracking my progress in becoming a better pilot. I am not a flight instructor, so as always do seek there amazing advice. For now Fly Safely.

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