IFR Sortie #1

An extended video showcasing how I brief, fly and debrief an IFR flight; flying cross country to complete an RNAV, before diverting to fly and land on an ILS approach as I look to prepare for the CB-IR.

I’ll be using my IR(R) to improve my skills in the coming months. Once I have obtained the theoretical knowledge, I hope to have chosen an ATO that will allow me to fly G-ZANY to achieve the dream of an Instrument Rating.


In this flight I looked to perfect my skills, but it was with some difficulty due to a strong 25 knot wind from the NNE making for some interesting flying weather on this warm day. The weather however was so good, I wished I was flying to France.

The intentions were to fly to Lydd, to complete an RNAV approach before making a diversion to Southend. The whole flight would be flown on sole reference to instruments and I would try and improve the areas that I self-studied on my previous flights.

Flying into Lydd [EGMD]

Once we completed the RNAV approach, my intentions were to hold and simulate a briefing for a diversion towards Southend where we would make a precision approach using the ILS.

I brought a friend, and a very experienced GA pilot as an additional safety factor. He has thousands of hours experience, with many hundreds under IFR. All feedback given in this video is practical based rather than coming from the standpoint of an instructor or examiner.

Landing runway 05 at Southend [EGMC]

After landing we took the short walk to the Holiday Inn Southend, where we had a rather lovely lunch and a much needed Coca-Cola. 2 hours free-parking and great air traffic control at a busy outside-of London Airport.

Well worth a visit!

Oversight & YouTube –

I hope the route I am taking is going to make me a better pilot, and to share with you all the new skills that I hope to learn. Whilst this will be a long road to having the Instrument Rating; I hope I can provide you with an oversight of my progression and as I develop my skill set and airmanship in exclusive videos on my YouTube channel. 

I hope to share with you guys in a unique editorial style with me breaking down thoroughly and honestly everything that went wrong from pre-flight, to landing to debrief, what I have learnt from it and what steps I am putting in place to make me a safer pilot in the future.   I’ll be using the reference material above along with Standards Document 01 (A) to assist in my endeavours. 

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