Flying IFR with ICING RISK

Flying IFR in winter isn’t without risk, and weather avoidance makes it even more challenging. With an early left turn out of the airways system, due to CBs and severe icing risk.

It’s not without ease, as wind shear from the nearby cold front provides a further challenge as I fly a raw data ILS into Cambridge airport. A short but somewhat demanding flight.

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I am a current PPL(A), SEP (LAND), IR(A) SE/SP PBN, IR(R) & Night holder. Flying the world, exploring its hidden treasures. Taking pictures and vlogging the journey; I hope I can provide you with an oversight of my progression and as I develop my skillset and airmanship in exclusive videos on my YouTube channel.

Now flying IFR in the Airways of Europe & beyond. Bringing you an exclusive niche to YouTube, flying in the same skies with commercial airliners.

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