Early Morning IFR

An early morning IFR, and with good reason. A warm front extended from an area of low pressure situated almost 2,500 miles away, with some horrendous weather that would herald the start of Summer.

This was my first IMC flight of 2019, and my first solo IMC flight in over a year. We departed Stapleford at 0730z with an arrival just over 1 and half hours later into Bournemouth where the weather was becoming very interesting.

Looking at the weather before leaving home, I had a very good window of opportunity to get into Bournemouth and exercise the privileges of my IMC rating but at the same time remaining in the realms of my confidence and abilities.

Pre-Departure from Stapleford

Flying an ILS down to minima without having done it in real IMC would probably not have been the most sensible decision. I’ve recently done this under the hood or with heads down with a fellow safety pilot and or instructor, but nothing can quite compare or prepare for real Instrument Meteorological Conditions. Especially solo.

TAF EGHH 290527Z 2906/2915 28005KT 9999 SCT045 BECMG 2909/2912 19010KT 6000 -RA BKN006 TEMPO 2912/2915 1200 RADZ BKN002=

Having prepared the aircraft for departure, I noticed good flying conditions but my experience told me that the TAF was somewhat correct – but the shear velocity of that front and the flight time being much longer than normal would mean that the weather would be deteriorating quite quickly.

FAX Chart (Synoptics) from MetOffice 1200z on 29th May 2019

In fact as I left Bournemouth on coach the visibility dropped to 2000 meters in mist and rain/drizzle with clouds Broken at 300ft. Whilst for most of the flight, the flying conditions were rather benign it was good experience to build up towards the Instrument Rating.

I’d rather do it this way utilising my Instrument Rating Restricted (IR(R)) than potentially put myself into a very uncomfortable situation with such limited experience on the grand scheme of things. There’s got to be a personal limit and this for me was nowhere close, which helps build my confidence levels – something I feel that’s quite noticeable, something I hope to improve on so that I feel confident in my abilities as Pilot in Command.

It’s interesting to note that on release of this video, the weather so far has been literally shocking since this flight. I think Summer is still on vacation…

IFR arrival into Bournemouth [EGHH]

Oversight & YouTube –

I hope the route I am taking is going to make me a better pilot, and to share with you all the new skills that I hope to learn. Whilst this will be a long road to having the Instrument Rating; I hope I can provide you with an oversight of my progression and as I develop my skill set and airmanship in exclusive videos on my YouTube channel. 

I hope to share with you guys in a unique editorial style with me breaking down thoroughly and honestly everything that went wrong from pre-flight, to landing to debrief, what I have learnt from it and what steps I am putting in place to make me a safer pilot in the future.   I’ll be using the reference material above along with Standards Document 01 (A) to assist in my endeavours. 

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