The Flying “BLOG”

Are there any aviation enthusiasts out there? The Flying “BLOG” is a just read of my aviation adventures if you didn’t have time to watch the videos or had a different view of the insight of my aviation career.

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 Instrument Rating Training via the Competency-Based route was completed on the 21st July 2021. Here you'll find my plan for the much requested write-ups. Every flight has more than one story, so it'll be great to share with you all.

Last Updated 17th September 2021

October 2021 – TBC

  • Planning the Daventry Corridor – 15/10/21 – TBC
  • Future of The Flying VLOG – 24/10/21 – TBC

November 2021 – TBC

  • Planning for Liverpool – 12/10/21 – TBC
  • iPad Pro 2021 Review – TBC
  • Bose ProFlight 2 Review – TBC

December 2021 – TBC

  • Planning for Ibiza – 03/12/21 – TBC
  • The Flying Annual – 2021

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Welcome to The FLYING VLOG…

I am a current PPL(A), SEP (LAND), IR(A) SE/SP PBN, IR(R) & Night holder. Flying the world, exploring its hidden treasures. Taking pictures and vlogging the journey; I hope I can provide you with an oversight of my progression and as I develop my skillset and airmanship in exclusive videos on my YouTube channel.

Now flying IFR in the Airways of Europe & beyond. Bringing you an exclusive niche to YouTube, flying in the same skies with commercial airliners.

“What a view aye? – This is what I did all this training for…”